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Sustainable solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment

We provide science-based natural enhancements to augment existing treatment systems.


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Reduce waste and accelerate processing time

Our application will ultimately reduce capital, operating and long term maintenance costs, hauling fees, and potential fines. We intend to leave the world cleaner- one site at a time.

Why Choose Us?

Remediate Now can provide the following:

1. Increased capacity with no capital expenditures. Min 15-20%, possibly 30%. This translates to higher throughputs and higher efficiencies with better oxygenation.

2. Plant/machinery runs smoother with less power consumption (FOG decrease)

3. No sludges produced, no hauling, no spreading, etc. No buying of activated sludge.

4. Fines go away during storm events

5. BOD reduced faster resulting in increased flows/input.

6. No retraining of personnel. Run same tests and act accordingly.

7. This is all accomplished with no capital outlay.

8. Odor is abated. Goes from putrid/ acrid to yeasty/sweet beery smell

35 year old crude oil sludge removal using bacteria

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