Groundwater Remediation

Removal of polluted groundwater is a serious issue in remediation. Since almost half of the U.S. population depends upon groundwater for drinking water, the regulations of groundwater remediation have become more strict. Increasing studies have shown the negative effects that the waste can have on the surrounding areas.

Traditional methods call for the insertion of more chemicals and/or pumping and treating the effected areas. The introduction of more harmful chemicals is not the answer. ERC’s technology advances the remediation of groundwater by using naturally occurring bacteria with inorganic co-treatments that cleanup your site quickly, effectively, completely, and with no harm to the environment.

Since the beginning of time, bioremediation has been nature’s preferred way to restore balance to soil and groundwater. Given the continued, tremendous increase in man-made contaminants impacting our environment today, bioremediation is more essential then ever to restoring nature’s balance. Bio-IntegrationĀ® embodies that philosophy.