terradyneTerradyne is one key to ERC’s advantage over all the other bioremediation companies. There is nothing else like it, as it has the ability to mix oil and water creating increased fluidity, thus enhancing the remediation process. Many remediation companies believe that bioremediation is the solution for the future. This is correct, however it does not work on its own. ERC’s Bio-Intergetion combines the technology of bioremediation with its exclusive wetting agent Terradyne. Terradyne is a water based, biodegradable, non-toxic wetting agent, that when introduced to ERC’s bacterial cultures (bioremdiation), expresses the following characteristics:

    • Increases fluidity – allows hydrophobic, petroleum-based sludges to become pumpable and more amenable to biodegradation
    • Desorbs (washes) solids/sands in-situ to eliminate secondary source areas
    • Increases the surface tension of water, thus suppressing vapor intrusion
    • Increases lubricity… makes water more slippery
    • Lowers toxicity thresholds to allow biodegradation of free product contamination
    • Enhances bioavailability
    • Expands clay moduli (elasticity) to allow greater penetration in order to remediate entrained contaminants
    • Safe to use/apply in confined spaces with no entry
    • Economical
    • Decreases time on turnarounds
    • Decreases manpower on sludge removal
    • pH 8-10
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