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About ERC

Don Parris, CEO

A full service environmental remediation and consulting firm established to demonstrate the speed, reliability, and effectiveness of using bacterial cultures in the simultaneous clean-up of soil and groundwater.

Using our trademarked Bio-Integration® technology, ERC’s remediation has been successful in soil, groundwater, oil tank cleaning, and wastewater treatment plants. We degrade (in-situ), free phase or dissolved, petroleum hydrocarbons, PCBs, crude oils, chlorinated solvents, etc. We have also developed transfer protocols for utilization in the treatment of industrial and sanitary wastes, liquids, and tank/bilge sludge.

Our strengths in dealing with any environmental issue are derived from over 45 years of experience, and our client-based approach is couched in science-based initiatives and just plain common sense.


Case Studies

ERC has proven time and time again how effective their Bio-Integration® truly is. Take a look at the results from our past case studies.


ERC uses Bio-integration® to protect the integrity and safety of your property through natural, cost-effective cleanup of contaminated soils and groundwaters.


Bio-Integration® is a natural, non-obtrusive process that remediates contamination below the ground surface, within the confines of the treatment cell or plume.