Oil Tank Cleaning

Oil tank cleaning is an important part of running a profitable oil refinery. The accumulation of sludge in oil tanks account for one of the many problems that oil refineries face. Improper oil tank cleaning leads to the an abundance of sludge, rendering the tank useless. Traditional methods called for the unused sludge to be removed, causing refineries to lose money in unused sludge and removal costs. ERC’s technology will not only excel in the oil tank cleaning, but will allow refineries to gain an significant profit by eliminating the removal costs and making use of the accumulated sludge.

We customize our treatment to your site’s conditions and contaminant profiles. All ingredients are non-toxic and non-hazardous, and have been certified by the EPA/FDEP. Unlike traditional cleanup technologies, Bio-Integration® does not disrupt ongoing business. It can be conducted under buildings, highways, parking lots, and other structures without disturbing their integrity. No contaminant barriers are needed, no NPDES permit is required and no volatilization occurs – eliminating the need for air emission controls or air quality monitors.