Remediation Services

ERC uses Bio-integration® to protect the integrity and safety of your property through natural, cost-effective cleanup of contaminated soils and groundwaters. A proven approach used for two decades, Bio-Integration® combines naturally occurring bacteria with inorganic co-treatments to cleanup your site quickly, effectively, completely, and with no harm to the environment. We customize our treatment to your site’s conditions and contaminant profiles.

Groundwater Remedation

Removal of polluted groundwater is a serious issue in remediation. Since almost half of the U.S. population depends upon groundwater as a drinking water, the regulations of groundwater remediation has become more strict. Increasing studies have show the negative effects that the waste can have on the surrounding areas.

Soil Remediation

Soil Remediation is a common service in the oil industry, many refineries are effecting the surrounding grounds. Soil can be contaminated easily. When contaminated, soil becomes useless due to the health risks. Since the majority of polluted soil is caused by humans, the remediation process is very important.

Oil Tank Cleaning

Oil tank cleaning is an important part of running a profitable oil refinery. The accumulation of sludge in oil tanks account for one of the many problems that oil refineries face. Improper oil tank cleaning leads to the an abundance of sludge, rendering the tank useless. ERC’s technology will not only excel in the oil tank cleaning, but will allow refineries to gain an significant profit by eliminating the removal costs and making use of the accumulated sludge.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

There have been many advances made to expedite and reduce cost of the wastewater remediation process. ERC’s bacterial invention relates to a biological treatment and minimizations of waste utilizing a tolerant and effective mixture of cannibalizing bacteria for the enhanced treatment and degradation of organic waste, converting said organics to water, sugar, and carbon dioxide gas.