Soil Remediation

Soil remediation is a common to the oil industry, as many refineries are effecting the surrounding grounds. Since soil can be contaminated easily, oil refineries must be aware of the potential health risks.

Traditional methods of soil remediation call for the ground to be dredged creating higher labor costs and elongating the remediation process. Dredging involves the removal of the contaminated soil and replaced with purified soil. Then the contaminated soil has to be transported to a specially designed landfill,. ERC’s Bio-Integration® process bypasses the last two steps by remediating on site.

ERC’s Bio-Integration® is a natural, non-obtrusive process that remediates contamination below the ground surface, within the confines of the treatment cell or plume. This process speeds up soil cleanup significantly, with most projects completed in less than a year. (Specific times vary with the site’s complexity).